How To Talk to Your Partner About Going to a Couple Workshop

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Sometimes one partner is interested in going to one of our couple workshops, while the other partner drags their feet. Many people are skeptical that the experience will be positive and beneficial for them personally or for their relationship.

If your partner is dragging his or her feet, talk positively! Explain how this experience, though it may seem risky and outside both your comfort zones, will benefit you both. Here are 10 points to help your partner come to his or her own conclusion that the potential benefits of going might far outweigh the risks:

1. Let your partner know your relationship is the most important thing in the world when it comes to your own happiness, and the happiness of your children. Let know partner know you are very interested in learning new tools so that you can be the best partner you can be! The more secure your relationship feels, and the more you enjoy each other, the better off both your lives will be.

2. Every couple has problems and negative patterns. That’s 100% guaranteed. It’s also normal for couples to have no idea how to navigate their way out of negative patterns, whether they are obvious to you both or invisible, eating away at your relationship under the surface. Neither partner is to blame, and both partners remain stuck. Learn the tools you both need to rise above what’s “normal” and develop a deeper, more compassionate and mutually supportive bond.

3. Does your partner know that couples who figure out how to rise above their problems and develop positive patterns of mutual support have the best sex lives?!

4. Do either of you have wounds that won’t heal, either from your own relationship or from past relationships? Learn that it is absolutely possible to heal old wounds, and learn how.

5. This workshop is backed by research and is successful in helping couples around the country and the world. This workshop is based on the new science of love and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), the gold standard in couple therapy. Ninety percent of couples in EFT therapy improve, and 75% move from distressed to nondistressed!

6. Read the testimonials! Lori and Tony are experienced professionals AND a romantic couple. They understand that many people are reluctant to come, and help everyone feel safe and validated. They know how difficult navigating relationships can be, and how wonderful it is to learn how to rise above normal (which are sometimes excruciatingly painful) day-to-day patterns. As facilitators, they are genuine, warm, and authentic. They do real, live role modeling of the tools they teach.

7. Are you DIY-ers or wanting to protect your relationship from future problems? This workshop is positive and will give you tools and experiences you need to not only avoid problems down the road, but be better together than you might have imagined.

8. Are you in distress? This workshop can help you go deeper and farther in your couple therapy!

9. Tony and Lori welcome all couples. Couples are more the same than different, and we can all benefit from this wonderful material.

10. Finally, let your partner know that our workshop has a 100% satisfaction guarantee that is good for one full year.

We hope this helps, and that we see you both soon! Finally, if you read this, we’d love for you to leave your comments and further questions below.