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Lori Marchak & Tony Silva

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Lori Marchak

Couple Therapist, Speaker and Facilitator

Lori Marchak, MS, PhD, LCPC is a Bozeman-based therapist and speaker. She is passionate about the potential for everyone to transform negative to positive patterns, whether those patterns are conflicts within the individual or between spouses, partners or family members, for life-long development of connection, wisdom, and happiness. She is co-founder of Gallatin Psychotherapy, Inc., a private group practice focused on therapeutic excellence. Lori has a full-time counseling practice providing private intensive services to individuals and couples locally and from around the country.

Lori is an ICEEFT Certified Therapist and Supervisor, a Certified IFS Therapist, and has trained in a variety of clinically proven approaches to trauma, anxiety, and relationship distress.

Lori loves culture, reading, music, dancing, and hiking and exploring the great outdoors.

Tony Silva - EMPOWER

Tony Silva

Couple Therapist, Workshop Presenter and Facilitator

As an Emotionally Focused Therapist, Tony Silva, MS works with couples and individuals in his private counseling practice, Empower.

Tony has a gift for leveraging his life experience and mental health training to empower clients to improve the quality of their life and relationships through understanding deep emotions that motivate behavior. Tony has long been fascinated with the study of human personality and the psychology of relationships in his professional and personal life. His amenable and interpersonal character is disarming, validating, and engaging and he thrives on navigating those difficult conversations that others avoid. Tony works well with people of all orientations and dispositions to embrace their authentic self. As a business owner, previous contractor, and employer, he has extensive experience with conflict resolution and effective communication.

Tony’s BA degree in Environmental Design (School of Architectural at MSU) infused him with an appreciation for design, structure, and creative systems. This creative lens encourages a focus on all things beautiful, including the art of being human.