4 Reasons to Go to a Hold Me Tight® Couple Workshop

Young teen couple having fun jumping outsoors.

We offer our own Montana version of Hold Me Tight® workshops several times a year because they are incredibly fun and rewarding. We love seeing the positive changes for couples right in front of our eyes. Hold Me Tight® workshops are different from, and in our view, much more powerful than, other couple weekends and retreats out there. Hold Me Tight® workshops were developed by Sue Johnson, the founder of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, and are internationally renowned. We are proud of our own version of these workshops, and we strive to bring the best combination of educational and entertaining information, videos, and music to Montana. We are unique in being romantic partners as well as couple therapists, and we use our own relationship patterns and “moments” to keep the workshop genuine, real and always fresh.

Here are four good reasons why you should go to a Hold Me Tight® workshop.

1. Be happier and more productive. The more secure your relationship feels, the better your life feels. Have you noticed how challenging it is to pull off your day when your relationship is in distress? How easy life feels when you’re good with each other? That’s no coincidence. By every measure of well-being, from financial and career success, to the amount of suffering we experience in relation to everyday stresses, to health and longevity, we are better off when our relationship is strong, happy and secure. The well-being benefits of strong relationships extend to our children.

2. Develop self-compassion. Have you felt blamed or responsible for problems in your current relationship or past relationships? If so, you may suffer enormously and needlessly. Find out why you’re not to blame for your relationship problems, and find out why your partner isn’t to blame, either. Understand what really goes wrong in relationships with compassionate wisdom.

3. Take responsibility. Learn how to increase your own happiness and your partner’s happiness by learning how to communicate with genuineness and authenticity. Learn how you can actually change perpetual patterns of negativity and distancing, heal old (even very old) wounds, and develop new, positive patterns of understanding and nourishing. Taking responsibility becomes possible for the first time when you gain an accurate understanding of what went wrong and how to make it right.

4. Get educated. Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is the gold standard in couple therapy. In research studies, 90% of couples in EFT therapy improve, and 75% move from distressed to nondistressed. In this workshop, you will learn the theoretical foundations of EFT and the stages and steps to move from distressed to flourishing. Becoming educated in EFT will allow you to go deeper and farther in couple therapy. If you’re not in therapy, you’ll be able to determine whether it would be a good fit for you. And if you’re not yet married or newly married, or if you are lucky enough to have a solid relationship already, get DIY tools to avoid needless problems down the road, and make your relationship even better.

Don’t delay. Seats are limited. Our workshops are covered by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for one full year.

Hold Me Tight is a registered trademark of Sue Johnson.

Comments (2)

  1. Linda

    December 8, 2015 at 12:05 pm

    We are in a new relationship and have both been married. We are planning to have a future together. Will this workshop be appropriate for us? Thanks

    • Lori Marchak

      January 5, 2016 at 10:35 am

      Early in your relationship is the *best* time to take a workshop like this. Folks at our workshop who’ve been together a long time speak to how much they wish they’d done this much earlier, as it would prevent years and sometimes decades of growing, incredibly painful negative patterns. We hope you’ll join us to take advantage of this wonderful material!