About Our Workshop
Is this workshop for you?

Our couple workshops in Bozeman, Billings and Missoula deliver the latest wisdom and unforgettable experiences from the new science of love 

We welcome all couples who wish to build a stable, loving, and happy relationship:

  • The best time to work on your relationship is when it’s going well!
  • Do you argue about the same things over and over again? Most couples do. This workshop will shift the conversation so you can enjoy a stable and increasingly happy and meaningful connection.
  • This workshop is an investment in your future together that just might be priceless.
  • Considering couple therapy? This workshop will give you a jump start.
  • Are you in therapy? This workshop gives you experiences that will help you go farther and deeper in your work with your counselor.

It’s best to establish good patterns from the beginning of your relationship, yet this workshop is just as appropriate and surprisingly powerful for couples who have felt distance between them for a long time.

If your relationship is good, and even if it is in mild to moderate distress, this workshop is for you.

Tony & Lori's Hold Me Tight® Couple Workshop is Safe, Eye-Opening and Transformative

What you'll take awayWhat's Involved?What makes it so effective?

This two-day weekend will give you deep insights and new tools to empower you to dramatically improve the intimacy and security you and your partner experience in your relationship.

  • Discover, chart and shift negative patterns that destroy your relationship potential
  • View negative emotions and behaviors – your own and your partner’s – with compassion and healing rather than disappointment and judgment
  • Repair past emotional injuries that time alone cannot heal
  • Create positive patterns of mutual support and comfort through physical and emotional connection
  • Workshops are PRIVATE. Couple exercises are done between you, with no requirement to share with the group
  • Multimedia presentations are engaging with informative content, humor, drama, personal vulnerability on the part of the presenters, and audience participation
  • Does any part of you feel badly or to blame for your relationship problems? This workshop will validate you and help you see that relationship problems are natural and no one’s fault. And it will show you how to work through problems rather than remain stuck
  • Workshop materials walk you through structured exercises you will do at the event and can continue at home
  • You’ll have the opportunity to request the private assistance of Lori, Tony or an EFT therapist assistant during break-out sessions to help you get further with the structured exercises
  • Two structured, 7-hour days filled with laughter, insights, tears, and practical, heart-felt exercises designed to develop deeper understanding and deepen emotional bonds

The award-winning Hold Me Tight® workshop gives you a transformational new way to see and tend close, loving relationships based on the leading edge science of love, Dr. Sue Johnson’s best-selling book Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love, and the wisdom of Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT).

EFT is a structured approach to marriage and couple therapy that meets the very highest levels of scientific standards set by organizations such as the American Psychological Association. In research studies, it’s effectiveness is higher than that shown by any other form of couple therapy, with 90% of couples showing significant improvement. Research evidence also shows these positive effects last over time.

This approach has met with outstanding success and has received considerable acclaim around the world. It has been heralded in scientific journals, Psychology Today, The New York Times, and the The Wall Street Journal.

The Hold Me Tight workshop presents the material of EFT in a simplified, guided, and educational format with the opportunity to learn from video examples of other couples and from detailed, hands-on exercises you perform with your partner.

The workshop presenters, Lori and Tony, are both EFT Couple Therapists and are a romantic couple based in Bozeman, Montana. Tony and Lori know both the joy of connection and the pain of relationship disconnection from their own life experiences. They are genuine, authentic presenters who are passionate about cultivating security and close connection together, and helping other couples find their way to happiness and security.