From our workshop participants

Words from our participants:

“It is not possible to detail all that I enjoyed about this workshop! The opportunity to practice what was being taught; the safety and support within the gruop and how those were cultivated by the presenters; the injection of humor and fun; the comprehensive responses to the how’s and why’s; the fact that the information was presented in a formulated way that has been proven to be effective; the list can go on! I experienced so many a-ha moments and am still processing all of my take-a-ways that I truly cannot narrow it down.” – Ivy

“I can, without exaggeration, say that I have far exceeded the goals I had set. With this experience I have set new goals that utilize much of what was learned.” – Participant

“No matter what you have tried in the past to improve your relationship this workshop will be different and likely more effective. It will be a great investment in your relationship as well as each person.” – Participant

“We had done a lot of EFT Couples Counseling already, but it was hard to see and understand the road map. This workshop helped us see the road map. Excellent!” – Participant

“Our goal was to improve our communication and I feel like the EFT focus was exactly what we needed. We pushed through “logical” ways of escaping our cycle and realized the way out is through emotional connection.” – Participant

“Do it. No matter where you are at, your relationship will benefit from the memory of emotional connection, and this workshop strengthens them and reminds you that emotional connection is where it is at!” – Brady

“This workshop exceeded our goals – I feel we can keep the skills going (doable)! If you are considering this workshop, it will change your relationship for the better and positively impact your life in a meaningful, heart-connected way.” – Deb & Dan

“I encourage every couple I know to take it. This is our second year and we are considering doing it yearly.” – Roger

“Tony and Lori’s willingness to be transparent and use their relationship to teach the model, definitely both of you helping us when we would get stuck. My husband came out of his cocoon in a way I have never seen! I am so grateful to you both in supporting him to ‘go there.’ Thank you both so much.” – Participant

“It was structured very well to let us build and lead us down the correct path. Aside from that the personal time spent with us by the instructors and assistant was absolutely indispensable.” – Participant

“It is definitely worth your time. If you really want to help your relationship you should do it.” – Participant

“I felt I have experienced more hope than I have in a really long time retaining to our relationship. Genuine hope, not just wishful thinking, superficial hope, but genuine hope. I was very grateful for the breakout session on “Rocky Moments” when Lori came in and helped us get to where we needed to be with the exercise—it was a very wonderful, eye-opening and good experience for both of us and we realize we want more and need more experiences like that in our relationship.”- Erika

“Very helpful and non-threatening way to get couples on the same page.” – Participant

“We came away with actual skills to navigate overwhelming situations. That’s a first for us. We didn’t have any goals, just to survive. It was a surprise we could have more than that.” – Clay

“It made me see things that I never knew before. One on one was very good.” – Participant

“Like Robert Kyosaki said re: real estate seminars: “I go to them (even though I write books on the subject) because even if I learn one thing, it’s worth the price of admission.” – Steve

“It was warm/inviting and safe. I feel like we have tools to handle the hurt. Just do it!” – Jennifer

“It saved our marriage. Set all your apprehensions aside–you’ll drop them all as soon as Tony & Lori begin.” – K.C.

“Just show up! You won’t be sorry! We attended @ 30 years of marriage for a tune-up! – Jennifer

“Please go! You will realize it is worth everything and more. If you had a tumor you would do anything and spend anything to fix it and not question. Your marriage, your relationship is worth everything. Do it!!!” – Karin

“Stick with the process of the conversations even though it feels slow. Don’t get discouraged by how hard it feels to do “something so simple.” – Participant

“Highly recommend to all couples–engaged, newlyweds, think they have no issues, ready to give up on their marriage. Please please attend this conference.” – Conradine

“Highly recommend participation in a relaxed setting to help overcome stumbling blocks to a richer, more loving relationship.” – Participant

“Do it. Worth it.” – Participant

“Great people, intelligent people, motivated people really made for a rewarding atmosphere.” – Participant

“Love EFT, Johnson’s work, makes a lot of sense. Loved the exercises, setting, other couples. Exceeded expectations. Tony, Lori, Reva, you rock!!” – Participant

“Everything was great!! Thank you both — gives us hope and a pathway. Please go!! I can’t imagine not seeing a change in the way we interact as a couple.” – Jack

“This weekend surpassed my expectations. I feel I have a better understanding of EFT. I was able to dig deeper into some of my husband’s raw points and fears. Most importantly, I feel deeply bonded with him. – Jessica

“We are a week out and we have used our notebook outline twice for significant conversations that would have been stuffed and ignored (outwardly)… it has been transformational for our relationship. My husband has never told any of his friends about any kind of work we’ve done in the past… but you may have found your new spokesman 🙂. In fact, we are sending my daughter and husband to your Bozeman workshop if they’d like to go. Also… thanks for yours and Tony’s vulnerability. Though difficult to watch–it has been very helpful in our own vulnerability.” – Participant

“Having done years of therapy work to treat my “issues” (strengths??) I thought I’d seen it all. This workshop was a safe place to rediscover and heal old wounds. New perspective and different techniques are so appreciated. Lori is a  beautiful and caring human being. I/we are so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet and work with her. Attend this workshop for the future of your marriage. Your love is worth this investment and effort.” – Jen

“Don’t hesitate. Worth the time.” – Andrew

“The information is something that really can help with your relationship. It opens up a whole new way of feeling!” – Amy

“I would highly recommend this for anyone and any walk of life that is willing to learn something new.” – Nathan

“Do it! Don’t think about it!” – Julianne

“Don’t put it off, we waited too long due to unmerited fears. Thankful for the opportunity to learn and new relationship dialog and currency.” – Don

“Content was amazing. Presented in a very understandable manner. Wonderful tools given to continue moving forward. Exceeded my goals. Highly recommend. The sooner, the better. Wish we would have done this long ago.” – Participant

“I liked every second of it… from the hard tearful moments to the silence in between and beyond the conference to our lunches, dinners and evening connecting in very meaningful, emotional ways. I loved the authenticity of your teaching, Lori and Tony. Your genuine ability to communicate the message of love and being connected. You are living examples of this model and it was so special to be let into your lives and love. Surpassed my goals 100%. Based on our attitude and happiness leaving this weekend people will be asking us… I will state it’s a no-brainer. Just like medical, dental, vision appointments, these appointments for marriage checkins are essential and necessary for the health of our marriage.” – Erin

“I enjoyed so many things! I loved that you two are a couple. It was great watching you interact with each other. The end conversation with the group was a great way to end. Thank you! Go. Make the investment in the most important relationship you will have.” – Jennifer

“That Tony & Lori were married, showed, and shared their struggles was invaluable. My husband and I, after a 4 1/2 year marriage are separated. This workshop has helped us overcome most of our painful problems in communication. We plan on attending again. It far exceeded our expectations in getting our marriage on the mend. You can’t pass up this opportunity to enrich your marriage, whether your marriage is a happy one or on the rocks.” – Meredith

“Excellent organization, well thought out booklet of tools to use! I really so much appreciated Lori’s individual time with us. I will definitely recommend this to our family, friends and clients. Total meeting of my goals and more. Go! You will never regret it.” – Kathleen

“DO IT!” – Participant

“My goal for this weekend was to show my spouse my level of commitment to our marriage and to recognize her level of commitment as well. Also, I hoped to gain a more healthy attempt at engaging each other in highly emotional discussions. Both of these goals were met as hoped.” – Participant

I would suggest this workshop to every couple, whether or not they are experiencing relationship problems as part of a preventative approach as well as for relationship strengthening.” – Participant

“Hello, Tony & Lori!

We attended your workshop Valentine’s weekend in Bozeman (he had the fedora, I had the mohawk).  I thought I’d reach out and give you a pretty great life update on us!  Your workshop was so good for us, we now buy the Hold Me Tight book on Amazon and ship it to couples we know.  We figure everyone can benefit from the wisdom of it’s philosophies, regardless of the length, state or status of their relationship!!  It certainly has become a backbone in our communication style with not only one another, but with the world in general.

We’ve since relocated to North Carolina, he went active duty in the army and we are rocking base life as an EXPECTING couple!!  Funny enough, we were about two weeks pregnant at the time of the workshop, which makes that weekend all the more special to us as a dedication to a lifetime of commitment to communication.  Our future adventures definitely present opportunity for overcoming obstacles as a strong team, and the skills we learned are invaluable to us!  His work as a soldier is allowing me to focus on my music career (which, of course, still costs more money than it makes, gotta love the arts!), and then focus on our little girl when she arrives in November.  In fact, we loved this workshop so much, we’re hoping to find one nearby to attend before she arrives, just to refresh ourselves and our bond before life gets REALLY interesting, lol!

I thought our success story would be uplifting and a little fuel for the passion you both share in helping couples.  Everything you imparted on us, and definitely your stories, still live in our hearts.  Thank you for what you do, keep up the great work!!

Rebecca (& Jim)”

“I learned so much about my husband and myself. This workshop was the most powerful amazing training I have ever done. I’ve never felt closer to my husband. Thank you for helping us and seeing a side of each other we have never seen. I have never felt so safe and relieved in my relationship. This was absolutely amazing. Thank you both from the bottom of my heard. Sharing your personal “stuff” was so powerful for me. Thank you for taking the risk. You are both amazing teachers.” – Meredith

“I was able to learn and recognize the bad patterns that my wife and I can get into in our relationship. I learned how to share the pain that my wife is feeling and how to walk into her heart and make life whole again. I can feel her love more now that we have figured these things out.” – Joe

“Here’s what was amazing about the workshop: It was like a veil was lifted and I could see what I didn’t see before – even through 35 years of being together!  We’ve both done individual therapy, we’ve done couple’s work several times. In past couple’s work we learned better communication skills – none of that helped us get to where we got in this workshop!  We both feel it’s a miracle. We both feel hopeful and excited about the tools we learned and how to stay connected. I’m hearing alot of “I’m so in love with you” from my partner and for me, I’m happy but also grieving the missed years we didn’t have these tools!  We really “got” neither of us is to blame and the workshop created so much space and love and HOPE to really move forward in a very connected way and the specific tools we didn’t have before to do that! We are both beyond grateful we did the workshop!” – Dodie

“I showed up hopeful but really scared. I was desperate for an emotional connection with my husband and recognized I was beginning to withdraw and give up. The workshop has given us both opportunity and tools to better feel and understand what is critical for the other to feel emotionally connected. We enjoyed success in the workshop and I’m leaving feeling more hopeful and determined to do the work needed for a close relationship. Thank you.” – Natalie

“Thank you both for being so free with your time, you gave of yourself and time with empathy. The workshop was so professional, you put a lot of time and thought into the presentation, as well as making the attendees feel comfortable with the nice refreshments, coffee and tea. We have been doing really good communicating, whereas in the past, we’d blow up and retreat He is pitching in more with the household chores. We can identify the demon dialogue, so we just hug instead of going there. We are a better couple because of you and the workshop. Keep up the good work, you are doing a service for the community. Thank you so much!” – Margaret

“We got oh so much. Thank you both for everything. We came to the workshop so distressed and are leaving with entirely new understandings of each other. Learning about my partner in a space with ample time, and guided exercises, made him so much more comfortable sharing, it made me more receptive to listening (well, it did both of these things for both of us). The exercises took us deeper into each others’ orbits than I thought at all possible, let alone in a weekend. I learned we have fewer problems than I thought, and feel much more optimistic about addressing them. Thanks!”

“This should be a required course for anyone getting married. Thanks, you may very well have saved our marriage. Hopefully we can apply what we’ve learned and be a model for those around us.” – Randy

“Was skeptical and unsure about coming but SO glad I did.” – Cory

“The “demon dialogue” – really an eye-opener! The realization that all couples have problems, not just us. The one-on-one help and assistance was greatly appreciated. Both instructors were SO sincere, REAL, authentic and great listeners.” – Orville

“What was so helpful were the REAL interactions with the instructors, seeing Lori & Tony work through their own challenges, and being with other couples working together toward common goals.”

“I’m so moved to understand that we aren’t alone in our challenges and that even “veteran” couples struggle with needing a map to navigate the jungle.” – Rebecca

“The instructors were experienced, professional and authentic. The authentic role playing between the instructors (more like a positive role model of EFT than role playing). I learned more about the innards of my boyfriend. You provided a safe place to explore previously unshared vulnerable places – places ripe for growth. It was all great.”

“What we’ve been given here is SO powerful. It was so helpful to identify and externalize our cycle, and to have the opportunity for each of us to get vulnerable with the other. We saw each other SO deeply and that brought us closer together. The vulnerability and transparency of Lori & Tony was so courageous and valuable and that made it safe for us to do that work and take risks with each other.” – D

“Thank you! Thank you for the wisdom you’ve shared, also for showing vulnerability up there in front of us. That was really powerful & helpful & inspiring.”

“Exceeded any expectation. Any couple can benefit. Highly recommend. Would do again! Thank you immensely for your support. Great facilitators.” – Lynda and Bob

“Every couple would benefit by attending this.” – Jordan & Alison

“I would wholeheartedly recommend this program to all couples. I think the material is a great gift, a treasure.” – George

“We’ve been recommending this to all the couples we stayed with and saw. I’d recommend to anyone who wants to consciously fertilize their relationship with great tools/research/leaders and community.”

“The one on one facilitation was most powerful. We’re forever grateful for taking the time with us.”

“I would absolutely share this program with others – and intend to offer this to a couple in my work environment experiencing challenge.”

“Thank you so much Lori & Tony. You do such a beautiful job and compliment one another so nicely.” – Erin

“You two putting on the workshop together very very powerful! Thank you for saving families!” – Joe & Renee

“I’ve been doing therapy for over 30 years and EFT ranks right up at the top for success based therapy. It is what people pay us to provide them when in need.” -Jeffrey A. Watson, LCPC LMFT, Clinical Fellow, AAMFT

“It offers a way to dig into the roots of our issues in a way that leaves out accusation. It gave us the opportunity to come down to a calm place and start over with our issues.” – Eric Graff

“Delivered the exact ‘formula’ to get on track as a couple. As a therapist for 20 years, I have not come upon a more effective way to enhance adult relationships. Lori & Tony provided a safe, calm, accepting environment for me and my husband to deepen our relationship and increase our attachment.” – Kate Cremer-Vogel

“The whole philosophy/content is most useful. The tools that help you realize what the real issues are. And that this is common and fixable. All people can benefit – no matter what age, etc. We need more things like this to help people learn how to identify and deal with their issues early on. Thank you very much.” – Mike Abbey

“The workshop was ground-breaking in so far as helping us to have a “map” in order to effectively communicate and stay connected. Did not lack or disappoint at all. Our business and the stress, blood, sweat, tears that coincide with running a biz tends to dominate the 168 hours in a given week. Being engulfed in this weekend workshop has opened up our relationship and helped to get over many fears.” – Chris

“Relearned how to be open & honest without destructive emotions.” – John Welch

“Lori’s nurturing, calm and kind presence makes this workshop wonderful. It was a real emotional workout and, just with other forms of training, we are now in better shape!”

“I would recommend this program to everyone I know in committed relationships.” – Rainya Taylor, LCPC

“Highly recommend this workshop for marriages that are doing well (not just broken or damaged relationships) – it will help a good relationship become great!” – Bruce

“Safe environment – Exercises presented in such a way that was non-threatening. I appreciate that my husband initiated it – I’m usually the one to beg his participation.” – Carol Welch

“This Hold Me Tight Workshop is an excellent opportunity to deepen & strengthen our primary relationships.” – Linnea Wang

“I appreciate how much ground it truly covered, an aerial overview we can retrace on foot on our own. These can be tough to coordinate – it was well conceived and executed. Thank you. Lots and lots to think about.” – Kara

“What was most useful was recognizing what my dialogues are and how to interrupt them. Ways to work through life/couple/our issues in a positive, loving way. Keep up the good work!” – Carol

“Safe and powerful way for my partner & myself to get close and deeper.” Karen

“Well done & my brain was full – not room for more!” – Chuck Heath

“Seeing examples in the videos combined with experiential exercises was very helpful.”

“It was a lovely time of connection for us and a great chance for us to hear each other. Added tools to our emotional toolkit.” – Sara G.

“I came to the weekend open to learning and low on hope. Now, at the end of the workshop, I find I have more hope. It’s a good thing.” Heidi K.

“Lori is an exceptional counselor and workshop leader. The space she created, and with her guidance, we were able to really deepen our relationship. And learned tools for our super couple toolbox!”

“I was not at all disappointed. I had numerous emotional moments which tells me that we were getting at core issues.”

“It was just what we needed. Nothing disappointing. It was great to spend the time away from our busy lives to really connect and learn some tools to keep us connected.” – Lisa

“Beat my expectations – (already high expectations). Really admire Lori for the work she is doing. Brings great wisdom; creates safe space.”

“This was the first time I have ever been to a relationship workshop. The outcome was great. Thank you.” – Don

“I’m excited about the future of my relationship now.”

“I love so much about this workshop. The pace is perfect – gentle, contemplative and soft. Your use of technology is seamless and the slides are beautiful and clear. In so many workshops I have experienced too much information, and I feel in this a sense of balance – sufficient space and generous (but not superfluous) input, succinctly presented. You have obviously conceptualized this well, as a psycho-educational process that is in-depth without being “too hard” – you create ease, gentleness, and freedom to be. I am privileged to witness this beautiful experience! – Heidi

“This would be excellent for all marriages/relationships. It brings attention to so many things we would not have known to address/focus on. We felt very comfortable in this setting and hope other couples can have the same opportunity to strengthen their relationships and life in general!” – Nicole